Nurturing Continuous Learning at Penmarc Inspired Spaces

“Learning is not a destination; it is a continuous process.” —Kevin Horsley

At Penmarc Inspired Spaces, one of our five core values, Innovate to Elevate, states: “Embracing creative solutions to be leaders in our ever-changing industry.”

One of the best ways to be innovative is through continuous learning! Learning new skills is a valuable investment in your career, regardless of your goals. If we’re not trying to learn new techniques, products, and trends within our industry, we’ll get left behind!

As a Penmarc employee, you are given many resources to help you grow as you continue your professional journey! Below are some ways Rosewood and Penmarc encourage continuous learning for our employees.

Take classes offered by Wake Tech

Thanks to our partnership with Wake Tech Community College, Rosewood offers continuing education classes for a myriad of topics and areas of business. This program has been designed to multiply the blessings bestowed on the Penmarc team by investing in their educational and professional growth.

Whether you’re an installer out in the field or part of our scheduling team, there are plenty of courses directly related to your field of expertise that can help you grow.

And the best part? If you pass your course with a grade of 70 or higher, Rosewood will pay for the course! Upon successful course completion, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to Human Resources for more information!


Join us for Leadership Live every month


Leadership Live is our monthly Rosewood-wide webinar series, offered through our partnership with Campbell University.

At no cost, participating employees receive interactive, discussion-based training from MBA-level professors in topics such as time management, team building, dispute resolution, communication skills, leadership development, and more. This monthly educational seminar is held over Microsoft Teams, so you can join virtually, regardless of location!

Leadership Live is a unique opportunity for all Penmarc employees to better themselves, set them up for success in their current positions, and develop skills to help them throughout their careers. To learn more about Leadership Live and how you can join, contact Human Resources or Marketing for more information.

To view all of our Leadership Live webinars, click the link HERE.

Join our weekly Morning Blend meetings every Tuesday

If one seminar a month doesn’t cut it for you — join our weekly Morning Blend meetings! Here, employees can hear from Rosewood and company executives and department heads to discuss relevant topics for our business and industry.

These interactive discussions provide plenty of opportunities to chime in with your wisdom and insight. These meetings are a fantastic way to get to know your coworkers while learning something valuable along the way!

We’ve started our 2024 Morning Blend campaign discussing the power and impact of gratitude and how embracing gratitude can transform us into better teammates, fostering productivity and creating a more supportive work environment. We’ve held some informative, insightful discussions thus far and would love for you to join us!


Outside of all the opportunities mentioned above, at Penmarc Inspired Spaces, there are multiple avenues for pursuing continuous learning. 

Whether you’re seeking additional training from leadership and peers, expressing your workplace interests to management, or embracing curiosity by asking questions, there are plenty of ways for you to enhance your skills and knowledge.

By taking advantage of the many valuable resources available, you can further your professional development while also contributing to the success of Penmarc.

To learn more about Penmarc Inspired Spaces and what we’re all about, click the link below!